Saturday, 3 August 2019

                            Chapter 1: Small and Medium Business Transformation

  All successful organizations, both large and small operate with Clare direction in mind.
  The elements that make up the fundamental  building blocks of this direction or journey
  of  an organization are essential  to establish the destination,
  and by definition, the watermark of success as defined by that particular organization.
  As every business will obviously have different objectives and goal,                                        
   which will define their business processes that are in place for  achieving those objectives, the 
   difference between successful organizations and those that aren't is that the former has a management strategy in place which helps align not only  its business processes but also its
employees, and more importantly, the technological initiatives of the organization.

  These three factors of this management approach line up to form a formidable strategy that ensures a company's long term success and helps maintain its relevance in a continuously evolving business environment. Sadly, more often than not, business fall in the latter category,
as  in, organizations that are unable to overcome the resistance  to change,

Organizations today are met  with constant digital disruption which in turn, not only affects the  way in which they do business but also the way companies deal with new customers
and competitors that are created due to the constant evolution  of the business landscape
 and mounting globalization, regardless of the industry or niche a business operates in,
only those that are smart enough to embrace the technological changes happening around them will be able to survive and thrive, in a world where growing customer demand and new competitors are driving quality and service expectations.

For those businesses that are still on the fence when it comes to adopting a business transformation strategy here are a few more reasons why business transformation is crucial for long -term stability and success.

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